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Open Solid State Notes

Learning goals

After following this course you will be able to:

  • Model collective properties of fermions and bosons using density of states
  • Determine and analyse band structures of simple models of solid state systems
  • Describe and analyse properties of crystals
  • Analyse properties of semiconductor devices

In these notes our aim is to provide learning materials which are:

  • self-contained
  • easy to modify and remix, so we provide the full source, including the code
  • open for reuse: see the license below.

The course is heavily inspired by the book Oxford Solid State Basics by Steve Simon (referred to as the book in the materials). We invite all the readers to read the book for a more detailed overview and view his lecture recordings.

Whether you are a student taking this course, or an instructor reusing the materials, we welcome all contributions, so check out the course repository, especially do let us know if you see a typo!

Delft 2022 course run

The main tool we use for communicating about the course is the course forum course forum. All the students registering for the course on brightspace will be added to a closed forum group giving them access to the course announcements.

The complete and detailed course offering information will be listed in an internal forum post, with an additional explanation about how we compose exams